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                           OUR STRUCTURE 

Alliston CRC is a congregational church.  We are led by members of our own congregation. Each year, ACRC’s members elect certain people to fulfill the roles of elder and deacon. While elders and deacons have distinctive jobs, they together make up the leadership team - called the Council - that prayerfully discerns God’s leading in our midst and makes decisions accordingly.


Alliston CRC is a denominational church.  We are connected to other CRC congregations in an association called the Christian Reformed Church of North America ( We attend meetings with other CRC’s regularly for the purposes of sharing resources, engaging in mission, and holding each other accountable.  


Alliston CRC is a confessional church.  There are several historic documents that we value and uphold ( because we believe they accurately summarize the core truths of the Christian faith.  These documents guide our interpretation of God’s Word, root us in God’s work through the church in the past, and help to unite us with God’s people around the world today.

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