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Grandma’s Words of Wisdom

On Friday morning, we laid the earthly body of Willy H to rest. I had the privilege of spending some time with her family this past week; enjoying the stories, the banter and the fellowship. While Willy will be missed by many of us, she left us a legacy. Among her personal belongings, a poem was found. Although she did not ‘pen’ the words, as her family says, the words ARE hers. I thought I would share this poem as it speaks for Willy and her love for family, but also to all of us!

Grandma’s Words of Wisdom

I’ve traveled paths you’ve yet to walk,

Learned lessons old and new.

And now this wisdom of my life,

I’m blessed to share with you.


Let kindness spread like sunshine,

Embrace those who are sad.

Respect their dignity, give them joy

And leave them felling glad.


Walk softly when you’re angry,

Try not to take offense.

Invoke your sense of humour,

Laughter’s power is immense!


Express what you are feeling,

Your beliefs you should uphold.

Don’t shy away from what is right,

Be courageous and be bold.


Keep hope right in your pocket,

It will guide you day by day.

Take it out when it is needed,

When it’s near, you’ll find a way.


Remember friends and family,

Of which you are a precious part.

Love deeply and love truly,

Give freely from your heart.


The world is far from perfect,

There’s conflict and there’s strife.

But you still can make a difference,

By how you live your life.


And so I’m very blessed to know,

The wonders you will do.

Because you are my grandchildren,

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