Men’s Bible Study

Event details

  • Thursday | February 14, 2019 to Thursday | April 4, 2019
  • 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 28 Downey Ave. Alliston, Ontario

Men’s Bible study on the prophetic book of Jeremiah @ ACRC.

Winter Semester from February 14 to April 4,2019.

We will study the writings of Jeremiah. It is a long book. We will study key passages that look not only at Jeremiah the incredibly faithful servant of God but also the messages he delivered to the People of his day and to us today. It will require you to read some of the material on your own, which we will not discuss in our sessions and other portions we will deal with in some detail. Ideally please read chapters 1-24 on your own as a good background for our sessions. Please read the assigned passages before each session and be prepared for some good discussion.

  1. February 14: Jeremiah 1:1- 3:5. The call and the basis of the lawsuit against Judah/ Jerusalem (PVZ)
  2. February 21: Jeremiah 7:1 – 10:25. False religion and judgment (DB)
  3. February 28: Jeremiah 13:1-27; 16:1-9; 18:1-23; 19:1-15, 24:1-10. Object lessons (PVZ)
  4. March 7 : Jeremiah 25-26. Jeremiah as the prophet to the nations (DB)
  5. March 14: Jeremiah 27-29. Dealing with False Prophets (DS)
  6. March 21: Jeremiah 30-33. Hope and restoration for Israel (DS)
  7. March 28: Jeremiah 34-39:18. The last days of Jerusalem (FB)
  8. April 4:    Jeremiah 50-52. The judgment on Babylon and the fall of Jerusalem (FB)